Irreplaceable- Layla Walker
Irreplaceable- Layla Walker poetry stories

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I won 1st in my state so I'd hope it's good,, just read it lol

Irreplaceable- Layla Walker

It's been five years

Five years since I made the worst decision of my life

Five years since I left

I cant even remember why I did it

Just that I did

And I'm so sorry

I still think about you

About us

About why

But honestly

It doesnt matter where I am

Where I go

Every plane ride will remind me of you

Because you will always be where I want to go

Every bite I take will remind me of you

Because you will always be who I want to share it with

Every house I stay in will become my home

Because it's always going to be yours

Everywhere I am

I am yours

I dont want to be anything else

I'm sorry




Somewhere in the middle of the scribblings of the pages

They've thought they lost each others names

Each others words

Memories of each other

They've thought that time would ebb away the pain of longing and suffering

Allowing them to forget the circumstances that broke them apart

Or was it them

Who broke each other?

But try as they might

They will never forget each other

Because some people

You can never just rub off

And cross out

They stay

In golden ink


And stubbornly


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