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Welcome to our society I hope you enjoy your stay

Welcome to Our Society

Welcome to our society

I hope you enjoy your stay

Allow me to give you a tour and teach you what to say

Our ladies are starving

Their bones are beginning to decay

They've always listened to what others have to say

Women hide behind tall walls that they've spent years building

All because they are trying to run away from that feeling

That feeling when they know someone is staring them down

Remember to look down and not to say a word

Hold your keys between your knuckles

But simply walk away

As they shout their ratings of you based on your curves

Gentlemen don't think I have forgotten you

I'm glad you decided to stay

I know you hate the stereotypes

That have been placed on you these days

"You have to be a manly man"

And use your fists to fight

Because if you don't

Then you'll be labeled emotionally weak for the rest of your life

We're getting towards the end of our tour

Does anyone have any questions

Don't bothering asking them

Because we will more than likely say

That we simply didn't get your message

We are finally at the end

But did we forget to mention

You can never leave again

Because in this day and age

Society is the rule

So once again I tell you

Welcome to our society

And we hope you enjoy your stay

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