Just Another Day
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laxamanaysaalways in wonderland
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I hope you like it! Comment what you think! Just another day...

Just Another Day

by laxamanaysa

It was just another day in her opinion.

Having a good cup of coffee to drink.

Having a new book to read...

She's away from the place she used to be.

Then she hears that song...

She remembers when it was still you and me. She knew that she was falling for him, when she hears that song.

Then it's hits her, he's gone.

Maybe to him, it's probably just another song...

But to her?

It hurts so much. It opened the floodgates of memories she doesn't want to feel. The feelings were real...

If only she could turn back the time...

This is just another day... of heartbreak.

Everyone needs someone to make them feel like tomorrow

is more than just another day.

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