"To The Ones They Thought Didn't Matter"
"To The Ones They Thought Didn't Matter" stories
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laxamanaysaalways in wonderland
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So this was not made by me, it was made by a friend of mine because she decided to write a story here, since she was a bit curious on why liked Commaful so much. I guess this post was very heartfelt, damn, this was so deep. So yeah, I hope you enjoy see you on my next post!!!

"To The Ones They Thought Didn't Matter"

by laxamanaysa

"You don't mind if I join you?"

I said to her. She sat at the edge of a rock, looking at nothing but the sun. Everything was calm, except for the wind that blew past us.

"Of course not. Sit here beside me."

She replied. I watched the sun too, and realized it was slowly setting down to the sea as though it didn't care if it would disappear. It looked... beautiful.

"It, um, looks great up here."

I complimented awkwardly. She looked up at me, then rolled her eyes. There was a silence and I knew that she was thinking of whether or not to say something.

"Why'd you come when you know I'm here?"

she asked. I blinked at her stupidly until I gathered what she said.

"I, well... I sort of feel like nobody needs me down there."

I admitted slowly. Her eyes were fixed on me as though I was some kind of unidentified object.

"Everybody matters. You haven't realized who matters you,

She started, before wiping her eyes.

"And for example that person who matters you: is, um, me."

She continued. I froze. My mouth was glued shut and I knew I couldn't do anything.

"Says the person who would admit doesn't have feelings."

I blurt out, making me feel like the stupidest idiot on earth. I ruined her mood and the moment. Yet she said nothing.

"So you believe what they say?"

I raised my eyebrow.

"What would YOU know about what and who matters?"

I turned away when she began crying to give her some, well, alone time.

"Everybody matters when they're dead.

So when somebody says "I want to die" or "Kill me",

Pay attention. Maybe they want somebody to think about them,

Or even smile at them today. So for God's sake,

Just tell them they matter to you. Truthfully.

Say those words to them, for me, please."

She begged after the tears streamed down her face. I glanced at her. I began to regret things.

"But why? Why would I tell somebody that?"

I said coldly, to make her think I didn't soften at what she said.

"Because I never heard or felt that I mattered, and...

She paused for a second.

"Look where I am now."

And from that day on, I never saw her again. And I never got the chance to tell her that... she mattered.

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