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Today, we celebrate Teacher's Day in the Philippines and here is a short post about it. I hope you like it and comment what you think!

The Teacher

by laxamanaysa

What is a teacher?

A teacher is a person who provides education for students.

But is that really what a teacher is?

Is it just about helping us learn about a certain topic or subject and just moving on to the next one? Or is it something more?

It is not just about forming minds.

Its not just that. Why you ask?

It's about building relationships.

When we talk about our favorite teachers, the only thing that comes to my mind are the ones who taught me HOW to use those lessons to become a better person.

So we always need to thank our teachers everyday.

For they have not just imparted their knowledge but also build a new relationship with us. That is what a teacher is.

So all I want to say is...

Thank you teachers, for everything.

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