Rainy Days
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laxamanaysaalways in wonderland
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It was raining yesterday and it gave me an inspiration to write again.

It's good to write another new post here in Commaful.

Rainy Days

by laxamanaysa

It was always quiet here.

Just me staring at the rain in my window,

Watching the rain.

It's simply beautiful.

The slow endless drizzle captivates me.

It's not sad like what most people think.

One of those small tiny raindrops is me.

It falls and falls and it disappears wetting the rough ground.

I remember a girl who wants to explore the good parts of the world. To get lost and disappear like an amateur magician. She likes walking in the rain, so that no one can see her cry.

Her family and friends must be furious.

But I hope they understand that she is at peace now. That I'm okay.

I smile at the memory.

I stare at my book and started to read again, trapped in my own world . Just the way I like it.

She might never come back. Ever.

Just now that she's happy. Don't wait for her. Just remember.

I hope that whenever it rains,

you will think of her.

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