Perfect Strangers
Perfect Strangers stories

laxamanaysaalways in wonderland
Autoplay OFF  •  2 years ago
Just a poem I wrote a while ago...

Perfect Strangers

by laxamanaysa

I kept waiting for you burst into the door

I kept wanting for more Standing in my floral red dress Not wanting to impress

Hours pass by I just want to be alone

I never really moved on I felt empty and I was fixing myself together I was loving you like no other

We should never really leave a fight unresolved

Before everyone gets involved For the pain is to much to bear I guess you never really cared

After that I started to fall apart

And the sinking feeling starts When you didn’t come, I didn’t have a clue That was the moment I knew

How can I be fine?

Now we are back to square one We are just perfect strangers And maybe that’s where we are supposed to be

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