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laxamanaysaalways in wonderland
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Hey! It's great to finally be back here on Commaful! This post is about finally realizing that time flies by so fast that we forget to treasure those moments. We were probably the worst and most rebellious batch ever since we are 47 in our class and all the teachers are always angry and amused by us. Shoutout to my friend who made the last picture in the last page!

Moment of Truth

by laxamanaysa

Here we are, not knowing where we're going.

Just trying to be ourselves living life to the fullest.

Reminiscing all those memories.

Laughing and smiling cheekily at every single ugly selfie and deleting them afterwards.

We used to joke about how time passes by so quickly,

10 months of being a pain in our professor's neck, 40 weeks of happiness, 205 days of fun and all of them will pass and end on that 1 day - graduation.

Our school year has been very enjoyable.

In every class, I start to think how much I learned these past months. And I guess letting go is one of those things.

So we make those moments last.

I can never really describe the boys or monkeys if you would call them in my class. I guess being with them so long, even being my seatmate one time, they taught me how to have fun in a way.

Growing up is probably the most hardest thing we did.

And earlier we got together in one long table and just talked in our whole 30 minute break, remembering everything we did, and that was probably one of those best days of our lives.

I've always believed in savoring those moments.

Because in the end, we will always find our way back to each other, even if we are miles apart. We will all be together again. P.S Try to find me there, after 7 years all of us are still here

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