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Letting Go

by laxamanaysa

She lost something,

but she keeps finding it, never losing hope.

She searched everywhere,

but she can't find it.

So why can't she just shrug it off and move on?

Because she is still not ready.

Because she was part of it, because it was part of her life.

Because the best thing about being alive is to be part of something.

But there are times when we should just let go and move on.

Why? Because that is just a chapter of our life, There are more things out there we need to know and to explore.

Just like the trees in winter, how easily they can let go.

That's what happened, it packed her bag, gave one last smile and wave and went out the door.

So we need to be ready,

because we don't know how long we will have them near.

So learn to let go when the time comes.


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