Just Breathing?
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The ideas given by Commaful inspire me and motivate me each day and reading other's works makes me want to write more as well. Personally, I think this post feels a bit rushed and it's too short. What do you think?

Just Breathing?

by laxamanaysa

Everyday, every night we breath.

Inhale, exhale. Breath in and out.

We are so used to it, we always do it every single day,

But my question is, are we actually living? Because I think we are just simply being alive and just breathing.

Because today, I learned to not just be alive.

Because what's the point of being alive if you' re not actually living?

We are like zombies.

We wake up, work, eat sleep and wake up all over again. What's the point? Is there even a reason?

Because the best thing about being alive is to feel.

And be part of something. Just like what others says; live life to the fullest.

We must remember that.

"The whole point about being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be." -Oprah

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