I'm fine

laxamanaysaWriting is my escape from the real world
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I'm Fine. I hope you like it comment what you think!

I'm fine

by laxamanaysa

We all say this even if you're not.

The lie slipped so effortlessly.

She was used to it.

She was still surprised on how easily people believe it...

You feel frustrated, lonely, ignored, in agony, angry

Sad, hurt, upset, and humiliated.

You just don't want to be yourself anymore.

You hide all your scars with these 2 words and 6 letters.

Yes, I smile. But it doesn't mean that I'm fine.

It's not like you care.

You can't break me, because I've already been broken.

You just wish that for once, someone might look at you in the eye and see how broken you are.

And at the end of the day, someone might ask,

"Are you okay?" and you just whisper since you can't take it anymore. "I'm fine" (Broken)

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laxamanaysaGifted WriterWriting is my escape from the real world
8 months ago
Hi! I hope you enjoy this post I made.

laxamanaysaGifted WriterWriting is my escape from the real world
a year ago
I hope you like it! Comment what you think!

laxamanaysaGifted WriterWriting is my escape from the real world
9 months ago
Perfect Strangers
Just a poem I wrote a while ago...

a year agoReply
This is such a revelation.. And this is really true.. You will say "I'm Fine", even though your not. I really love this. This is the most beautiful story in your writings..

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
a year agoReply
I admire your artistic perception and writing ability. "I'm fine" is more of a reflex than a thought. I thought about that several years ago. I experimented. I am infamous for my experiments on living human subjects. I would ask "How are you?" They would reply, "I'm fine." I would say, "Sorry to hear that." My remark would pass totally unnoticed 98% of the time. I also experimented with telling people exactly how I was doing. Nobody wanted to hear that. They realy didm not care.

JosephRavickBehavioural scientist, therapist
a year agoReply
Many moons ago i asked my therapist why he never greeted me with "how are you?" I really appreciated his answer; "If you were fine, would you be here?" I hope people read your post since it is so heartfelt and relevant. People most often don't want to hear the answer to their "how are you" questions; the phrase has become an impersonal greeting and most move on before one can even consider answering sincerely or truthfully. I don't blame them, most people are so stressed with their day-to-day busyness that their own stuff fills their cranial cavities. Thank you for saying what many are thinking.

a year agoReply
This is really good!!

izal5416Bronze Commasave me
a year agoReply
Awesome. Love the visuals and how heart-breakingly true this is :)

a year agoReply

turnmypagesBronze CommaFrustrated writer and guitarist.
a year agoReply
I feel this aww < /3

LouiseW2016Loving Life. Wife and Mummy
a year agoReply
Love this. This related to so many people. Great job with this :-)

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
So true. "Good" "I'm fine" all the default responses that hide what we really feel

burniingaschsBronze CommaI love stories, games, and sleep. :)
a year agoReply
This is beautiful! This relates to me and some things I've been through so much. Thank you for your words.