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Accept your flaws. :) Be yourself, since there is only one of you in this world.


by laxamanaysa

We all have flaws. Whether good or bad.

Sometimes, it's hard to accept them.

So we pretend to be someone we're not and lie. Though we know, that what we are doing is wrong but we just can't help it.

Sometimes, it's because of other's expectations.

They expect us to be someone they want to be and what we're not. Picture perfect, smart and much more. But they will not get it.

Because sometimes, people look at what they see outside.

And not on the heart. Some people dig deeper, they look inside for we are not defined in what our appearance is.

Nothing's perfect. And it's true.

But some people will always say that we will never ever be good enough. But the flaws that we have makes us who we are, shapes us, into the best versions of ourselves and I think that's enough.

We should remember those people who cross paths with us,

the people who appreciate us for what we are and for what we aren't because they are worth being with.

I think we should see being flawed as a strength.

Because we make mistakes, and we learn from it. That's what's important.

So accept yourself and love your flaws.

“I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.” ― Augusten Burroughs, Magical Thinking

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