Finding Depth
Finding Depth stories

laxamanaysa be spontaneous
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This poem is written at the last week or first week of October and I hope you guys can relate to this poem and comment what you think about it below.

P.S. I passed this poem for our school paper. :)

Finding Depth

by laxamanaysa

We keep trying to understand Even when everything gets out of hand How it’s so hard to grasp what we are seeing everyday Even when you think our world is like a walking cliché

Learning from everything you see For determination is always the key Trying to find depth day after day With only the light to lead the way

Everyone and everything has a story A past, a history, a memory Learning those stories, add layers to your soul And it made you whole

For we rarely find depth looking inside ourselves I guess they need to understand that themselves For we always delve in the dark It is where we made our mark

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