Fangirl stories

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I think we can all relate to this in one point of our lives. Happy reading!


by laxamanaysa

We've experienced this in one point of our lives.

She loved him, he didn't know.

She screamed his name, he didn't hear her.

Your heart is always racing when you see him.

You want to know everything about him. You want him to notice you. You have posters of him in your walls.

To him, she'll always be just a fan.

But to her, he'll always be her everything.

Some say a life of a fangirl isn't easy.

Knowing everything about him and stalking his social media accounts. It was kind of an obsession really.

But one thing's for sure in being a fangirl,

even though she will be just a fangirl in endless ocean of crowds, she will support him until the end.

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