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Confessions. I hope you like it! Comment what you think! Check out my other posts if you have time! So I think this will be my last post for the weekend, since exams are just around the corner and I need to study...


by laxamanaysa

They thought your life was absolutely perfect.

You are beautiful, smart, rich and kind. The girl everyone wants to be. The girl who every, single boy wants.

But one tiny little mistake, can change everything.

You were careful. You don't trust anyone.

But when no one is looking. When you are all alone.

You become a whole different person entirely. Turns out, you were different.

You are just like every girl in this world.

You live a simple life. You only have one single goal. To be happy.

You are ready to give up everything.

Your popularity... everything. You cry, you just let go of everything. Just to be happy, but you can't.

People said to just be yourself.

But when you be yourself, They will judge you... too quickly. Don't deny it, many of us experienced it.

She was broken. Lost, alone and doesn't know what to do.

So my question is...

Who are you trying to convince that you are perfectly happy?

Me or yourself?

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