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laxamanaysaalways in wonderland
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Back To School. Since school is almost starting here in the Philippines, I thought I'd make a story about it. I hope you like it and comment on what you think!
P.S. I'm a sixth grader now. One more year until high school. Yay!

Back To School

by laxamanaysa

Your alarm clock rang loudly in the morning.

You get up with a smile on your face.

You fixed your bed making it perfect.

You're excited for the first day of school.

You showered and wore your favorite outfit.

Your excited to see your friends again.

You ate a hearty breakfast.

And went to school early.

You arrived and everyone is nice to you.

You are hoping to have a peaceful school year.

Your day ends and you went home with a smile on your face.

This is going to be the best school year ever! You thought to yourself.

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