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it's been a while i hope you guys enjoy! been very busy lately, graduating on March!!! Whoooo!! Welcome to high school :)

B r e a t h l e s s

by laxamanaysa

he leaves me breathless, but i keep wanting for more.

he devours me,

i'm powerless and defenseless, but i don't care.

the feelings he made me feel

it was like a dream, but it was real

i hope it won't end, i hope its lasts forever

but as they say it's inevitable, because everything good always comes to an end

i showed you my heart

and whenever you aren't here, i felt empty and i was missing half of what i am.

unforgettable and with no explanations

as we held the whole world in our hands, you had me wrapped around your finger, i can never let go, we had a love that only we could understand

but it changed, so sudden that i never really expected it

i know there is nothing i could do for you to come back, but i wanted it to end right, so i gave you one last painful unbearable good-bye and you were gone.

but i can still feel your heart inside of my broken one

I feel it, I feel it, every single time i hear our song on the radio and as i look through our old pictures, it still hurts...so much.

i can't hide and fight this feeling inside me.

i was still hoping, waiting, for you to come back.

i saw you today

at the favorite coffee shop we used to go to often, you were there, sitting on a chair looking through your phone, i still have that aching feeling though, deep inside, but not so much now.

i decided that people just sometimes fall out of love

but not fully, i decided to sit in front of him, we locked gazes and he smiled and i smiled back. we talked, about everything and what we are now.

he looked at me with such an unreadable expression

but he smiled saying that we should see each other again and i gladly agreed but as friend or maybe even more i don't know.

at the end, he still made me feel,

b r e a t h l e s s

thank you for reading.

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