can you hear my voice?
can you hear my voice? silent stories

lavender_willow the tides of my mind are not gentle
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just a little bit of weird fiction I wrote. please do tell me what you think!

can you hear my voice?

She sat on her knees with her back to the earth, unmoving but for her shaking hands.

With each wave, the glistening tide came closer to taking her away, but she did not seem concerned.

Her chest rose and fell as she took each breath, and though it was warm, she exhaled translucent ghosts into the air as if it were cold out.

Her hair mirrored the color of the night sky above, and it spilled like melted wax over her bare shoulders.

With a quiet sigh, she stood, trembling, from her place in the dust before the waterfront.

Her skin was the color of the moonlit waves, shadows nothing more than voids on the surface of her body.

Tiny granules of sand beneath her feet took the appearance of far off stars whenever she drew near.

Gently, she took a small step towards the ocean, then stopped.

The girl tilted her head up towards the sky and delicately inhaled the salty sea air.

Peacefully swaying, she opened her eyes for the first time that night.

For some indefinite amount of time, she stood unmoving, her gaze fixed upon the fading glow of the moon.

Silvery tears coated the pale blue of her irises, their unending rivers glowing faintly with the light of distant galaxies.

"Take me back," she whispered. "Take me back, for I wish to go home."

The saltwater lapped at her bare feet in response, beckoning.

She took another quiet step forward, then another, till all that could be seen were her eyes, two droplets of ice in a shimmering sea of ink.

It was only when they, too, closed that the sky took pity on her, and sent the clouds in all their moonlit glory to collect what remained of her slender frame, to raise her limp body to a place in the air where forgotten tendrils of stars could reach it.

Softly, they carried her into the universe, and laid her down to rest at home, in her bed of ethereal roses.

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