helplessly bleeding hearts
helplessly bleeding hearts broken stories

lavender_willow the tides of my mind are not gentle
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i am no more than a figure, a rough unseeing sketch

helplessly bleeding hearts

i am no more than a figure

a rough unseeing sketch

a helplessly bleeding heart

which i will slowly stretch

a document of promises

broken under your feet

a memory of innocence

succumbing to defeat

the consequence of actions

too terrible to name

i am the one who got hurt

playing your stupid game

i thought i could be free

of your unyielding grasp

but still so many years later

you've kept me in your clasp

is it victory you feel

when you think of my loveless fall

or do you simply feel nothing

because you don't think of me at all

we should've taken you to court

got you locked away

'cause now you're looking for someone else

to hurt another way

i know your type too well

trust me, you're all the same

you'll steal her little light inside

leave her with only shame

is it fun to you, i wonder

to tear childhoods apart?

to leave the ones who trusted you

with helplessly bleeding hearts?

i don't know how long i'll make it

your presence won't allow

i want to run and cry and scream

but it seems i've forgotten how

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