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lavcit Community member
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a poem about wanting to be alone but also wanting to be with somebody else


when everything is too heavy to hold, i go here.

a dock on the edge of the water,

my legs dangling over an endless navy abyss.

i want to be alone here.

not with you.

not with anyone.

i want to be alone with just me and the city and the miles of water before it,

and as a perfect sun sets,

i will sit and watch

the never flickering lights, the ants of people crawling through the streets

all miles away laying on a bank of water.

i look down a little more,

just to see the reflection of the city,

but i turned my head too much-

now i'm just staring at myself.

the waves keep brushing against my legs,

and i can think of a million reasons why i should be on my own,

but none of them satisfy.

i can't really describe it, but everything is so scary nowadays,

what with the mess i made of it all.

so each drop of water feels like a hurricane,

and i can't hold it together,

and i know i said i wanted to be alone,

but the view is so lovely.

i just can't stop thinking that i would love to share it with somebody like you.

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