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A year of friendship with my crush. Meagan X Sean story. 🌹🖋️ ∆


He used a remote to close the garage door once he had parked inside and stepped out of the car. As he went over to the passenger side, Meagan was already standing in the garage...

Sean was certain she was standing since he looked down at her feet then up at her where he finally saw her face.

The lighting in the garage was cool white. They could both see each other very clearly even as some light bulbs were flickering.

His eyelashes were remarkably long yet attractive. Meagan could not help but notice his luminous brown eyes while he stared at her as if he was seeking validation from her.

She looked down suddenly trying hard not to blush. The spicy aroma coming from him held her interest and it was imprinted on her face because she kept her eyebrows raised for a second and exhaled. She suddenly creased them and looked up at him with unsophisticated innocence.

"I was coming to open the car door for you." He said. "Remember when I said not to do that anymore?" She replied. "I know. But you're doing me a favour tonight, you know. You look beautiful."

"I'm freezing in here." She pushed him lightly by the stomach. Out of her way. "We should go inside now." She said seemingly very self-conscious and attempted to open the door then looked up at the ceiling where the door was with impatience. "Your door is locked."

Sean, executing patience, calmly approached with a smug on his face, he opened the door that was not locked. "There you go, Meg," "Thank you," She said quietly and concealed her grin from him.

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