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Child-like ⇜
By Lauri ...

Ch i ld - l i ke .

Just passing through,

I don't hear from you.

As a child I ran for an embrace.

Where is the child like in me that ran for you?

Yes, the child like in me that ran for you. The one that would forget the pain?

I don't know.

I know.

I know I was naïve.

This is not about who is to blame.

Because I'm not a child anymore.

And we were surely not innocent.

But really I should have known to keep in mind that you had preferences.

My expectations and your potential once cheated me from my destiny.

I didn't see it coming. But I should have been able to tell by your energy.

I recreate the painful memories that still gives me a romantic and nostalgic air

In a positive way to escape the pain that at the time seemed so hard to bear

As a young adult I never understood why I can't seem to let go just like I used to when I was a child.

I still pass through,

Wanting to hear from you.

The child like thing about me is that I easily forgave you.

... Written by Lauri⇜

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