The Honest Value of a True Time-Turner
The Honest Value of a True Time-Turner romance stories

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A letter written to a loved one. Harry Potter future fic with original characters and some loose adaptation to the idea of a time-turner. Note: some gifs used, nothing with flashing.

The Honest Value of a True Time-Turner

by @laurinatwood

Dearest Emilia, The year is 2068, and I am writing to you in the month of December.

Your birthday has just passed again, crazy how fast time flies these days. I made you your favorite sweet! Butterbeer ice cream, of course. It turned out much better this year...

You would have been turning 83, but don't worry-the cake still says 59.

I miss you more and more every day, every hour. I visit you more now than I may have when you passed.

But..... I have a surprise for you...

They've started letting people use the new time-turners for leisure... It's illegal to change the past, of course, but historical trips are being used to teach younger wizards about our day...

Do you know what that means?

I'm going to come back. I'm going to see you again. You won't recognize me anymore... But maybe that's just what I need.

I'm going to set my time-turner for the day of our first kiss... Do you remember how awkward it was when your glasses bumped against mine? It's one of my fondest memories.

You wanted us to meet in secret in a muggle coffee shop... You were always so fascinated with everything about them. You said their coffee was better than mine and insisted I make it by hand...

That's where I am going to find you. I know I was a little late that day. I remember you said you were thinking of leaving before I finally showed up... I wondered what made you stay...

Now I think I know.. It was me. It was always me. I've always been meant to go back.

Every fight we had? Every lie I told? Something always reminded you that we were meant to be. And I think it was me each time.

In a way it makes a lot of sense. Do you remember our neighbor, Susanna? She was pretty old, but you two were so close. You cared so much for her that you named our daughter after her.

Now that I'm going back, I think the name Susanna fits me perfect. I'm going to buy that house next door, and I'll be there for you until my time here is up.

You were so upset when Susanna died, but it's okay....

You were never alone. And you never will be.

We used to question why anyone would need a time-turner when the life we had was so full of love and magic...

Now I can tell you that the true value a time-turner holds is the power to see the face of the one we love just one more time.

Nothing they ever taught us in Hogwarts is anywhere near as important to me.

See you soon. Loving you still with all of my heart, Beth (Or, Susanna....)

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