Caffeine Addiction
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laurenwhitlock Community member
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I was a barista when we met, and he needed a cup of coffee. A year later I wrote this poem as an ode you the happy happening that is us.

Caffeine Addiction

I think we hit a wall at the same time. The familiar ache, the heaviness of the eyelids-- I needed a fix and so did you; I didn't know it was you I needed until you walked in.

You just walked into my life, and I don't mean that figuratively; you just. . . walked in, ordered a latte, and then never stopped coming back for more.

After the twitch, after the ache, how strangely sweet is the comfort of the warmth as it slips down your throat.

You take your coffee scalding, and down it in a breath. Your insides are made of fire, I could tell from the first kiss. It's as if your passion is fueled by that single singeing sip.

You just walked into my life; I mean that literally and figuratively. I didn't realize I left the door unlocked. I didn't realize my open sign was on, until you walked in.

But now . . .

The incomparable buzz, that vibrating static-- the best part of waking up is that first sip of you in the morning.

A day without you is like a day without coffee: dull and unremarkable. But you bring life focus, drive, and a robust vibrance that's just as addictive.

You just walked into my life, and I'm so glad you did. Your order was sweet and strong-- how wonderful the coffee matched the man.

Now my caffeine addiction is stronger than ever, but I don't mind. God bless the coffee fix that led you to me.

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