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Well not I, I won’t be reduced to such!
My pride is all I have, and I don’t much.
So I will suffer in silence, won’t call for attention.
All the bad thoughts in my head I won’t mention


Only the weak, the broken, the pathetic reach out

They stand in the corners and shout

"Please someone help me!" they spout.

Well not I, I won't be reduced to such

My pride is all I have, and I don't much

So I will suffer in silence, won't call for attention

All the bad thoughts in my head I won't mention

And so they grow, they fester and spread

The voices in my head, frankly want me dead

But I will not cave in when they ask "are you ok?"

"I'm fine, I say, to their dismay

My head is high

My pride will continue to fly!

But it does day by day grow harder to manage

My once strong mind is now a disadvantage

I lie in bed and weep all alone,

When they call I pretend I'm not home.

No one will see me in such a sad state

Weathering this storm solo is surely my fate

And the days go on, the voices so shrill

Further and further I go downhill

Until I can't take it one second longer,

The truth is I can't be any stronger

So I end my life that night, my head still held high

Due to my pride I must be all alone when I die.

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