Miscarriage Memory
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laurenloggins Community member
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"I'm sorry, there's no heartbeat" My world halts, my own heart stops.

Miscarriage Memory

I'm sorry, there's no heartbeat

My world halts

My own heart stops

The grief doesn't come instantly

Because confusion reigns, I ask questions for clarity

What do you mean?

Because you couldn't mean what I think you mean

Listen harder

Try again

But she is silent and still, my husband grips my hand

Something thick clogs my throat and I stare at the screen

Searching for myself

"I'm sorry" she says again, and sounds like she means it

The sincerity of her voice hits me like cold water

I feel sick

I realize I'm crying

My baby

My baby is gone.

And even alarming miscarriage statistics don't prepare you

Nothing prepares you for this moment

Life snatched away just as you were ready to welcome it

The rug pulled out

The curtains closed

The tears don't stop

There is no heartbeat.

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