Mary's Last Moments
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A fiction tale of murder and resolve

Mary's Last Moments

Mary's hat flew off her nest of cherry curls

It teasingly scampered across the manicured lawn

Evading her grasp as she drew near

She couldn't help but giggle in frustration, for she was so happy, that day

Never predicting it would be her last

For as she frolicked in the yard a man watched


He knew her husband's schedule, how he wouldn't be home for four more hours

Enough time to strike

Poor Mary, blissfully unaware eventually got hold of her hat

and went indoors, kicking off her white flats and putting her hat on the coat hanger

She waited too long to lock the door

Poor Mary

He barged in, his large, rough hands almost instantly around her delicate white throat

She didn't even have time to scream

Not enough time to savor her final breath

She tried to fight back, but it was no use

The man was double her size, dressed in all black, a mask on his face, sunglasses

She never saw the eyes of the man who killed her

She never saw her husband ever again

Doc would come home to see her crumpled, lifeless on the foyer

Doc would never give up his search to find the killer

Even though it took 4 decades

He never gave up

He would do what Mary had not been able

He would look into this man's eyes

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