When The Clock Ticks Inside My Head
When The Clock Ticks Inside My Head mental anguish stories
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laurenga555 Community member
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When The Clock Ticks Inside My Head

I find it difficult to hear what is said When the clock ticks inside my head

No scope for reality, I'm losing time I plead insanity, I'm out of my mind

"Seek help! Seek help!" is what they all preach So I lean, I grab, I grasp and I reach

But no help comes, instead I am faced With "It's all in your head. Everything is OK."

But it's not OK, it's not OK, Didn't you hear what I just said? Oh it mustn't be real if it's all in my head

The emptiness, the loneliness, the darkness that becomes me As I sit there and drown in tears, but it's not real -

I'm suffocating under my own false pretenses Still wearing a mask and looking through rose tinted lenses.

But the steady rhythm from the tick of the clock Is becoming unsteady, my time is almost up.

So I plead to you all, hear the tick of my clock For what I fear most is when the clock stops.

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