Obviously, This Is A Book. And That Is The Title.
Obviously, This Is A Book. And That Is The Title. stories

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My probably failed attempt at trying to make people laugh.

Obviously, This Is A Book. And That Is The Title.

By A Random Awesome Person

I always loved humor and comedy, but... I never find time for it. Because I am a HUGE procastinater. Wait, is that even a word? "Procastinater"? Have I just invented a word?!

I think I have... Oh my God... How many words have I created now?! Damnit, why can't I be smart enough to keep track so I'll be famous for these words one day?!?!

Anyway, I bet you didn't come to read this to read of me blabbering, right? Right? Yeah, I think so.

By the way, I'm not setting the background, it's generating on its own, so it may not fit what's written. Sorry, I just can't be bothered.

I wonder what its like up in the sky. Also, do stars have a daily lifestyle, just like us on Earth? Do they eat, fart, sleep, repeat? If they do...

HIGH FIVE STARS!!! I do that too! :D Also do rockets feel like an invasion to your space?

Well anyway, I have a question. If tomatoes are a fruit, then is tomato sauce a smoothie?

And if bananas are berries, which surprised me when I first learnt so, then are strawberries... non-berries?

Also, is it just me, or am I really not good at amusing you? (insert sad emoji here) 😭

What's this? You're still reading? Or do you just have Auto whatever on and it's just sliding continuously?

Anyway this is the end. I'm sorry if I was a disappointment.

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