Obviously, This Is A Book. And That Is The Title.

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My probably failed attempt at trying to make people laugh.

Obviously, This Is A Book. And That Is The Title.

By A Random Awesome Person

I always loved humor and comedy, but... I never find time for it. Because I am a HUGE procastinater. Wait, is that even a word? "Procastinater"? Have I just invented a word?!

I think I have... Oh my God... How many words have I created now?! Damnit, why can't I be smart enough to keep track so I'll be famous for these words one day?!?!

Anyway, I bet you didn't come to read this to read of me blabbering, right? Right? Yeah, I think so.

By the way, I'm not setting the background, it's generating on its own, so it may not fit what's written. Sorry, I just can't be bothered.

I wonder what its like up in the sky. Also, do stars have a daily lifestyle, just like us on Earth? Do they eat, fart, sleep, repeat? If they do...

HIGH FIVE STARS!!! I do that too! :D Also do rockets feel like an invasion to your space?

Well anyway, I have a question. If tomatoes are a fruit, then is tomato sauce a smoothie?

And if bananas are berries, which surprised me when I first learnt so, then are strawberries... non-berries?

Also, is it just me, or am I really not good at amusing you? (insert sad emoji here) 😭

What's this? You're still reading? Or do you just have Auto whatever on and it's just sliding continuously?

Anyway this is the end. I'm sorry if I was a disappointment.

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@bernardtwindwil Thanks so much! :)

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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I loved it. I am the official galactic curator of both wisdom and humor. I found both in your post. This was a strong foot forward. The writing was excellent the theme was sufficiently humorous to keep me smiling throughout the read. 55 yrs ago in high school English class, the teacher, an acerbic vinegaroon, asked me in class if I took anything seriously. I paused thoughtfully and answered, "humor." I was immediately ejected from class and sent to the dean of boys to become a martyr in the cause of humor. I am also extending to you an unlimited license for humor in this galaxy for as long as you may write. Great post!!!!