Walk Yourself Out of the Darkness.
Walk Yourself Out of the Darkness. depression stories

laurelrock Community member
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Feeling alone, and helpless. You can not give up hope.

Walk Yourself Out of the Darkness.

Do you ever feel stuck in an ongoing battle with your emotions?

Or trapped by the darkness that lies within your head?

Like your constantly being sucked into this dark funnel? Each day falling deeper and deeper, until soon all the light has just disappeared?

I know the people who say, "Well you have this and this going for you, so everything will be OK," are just people trying to help.

But will everything actually be "OK"?

Truth is, that light never actually disappeared; it is simply patiently waiting on top of that funnel.

Smiling :)

Some of us humans are just trapped in the darkness and unsure how to get out.

When you are ready to fight the fight and find the light, everything begins to change.

Do something small each day that puts your mind in the right direction. There is no rush. Little by little the impossible will become possible. That is a promise.

Take a deep breathe my darling. You are not alone.

Remembering that the light is always there, even when you cannot see it, is a beautiful start toward climbing out of the darkness.

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