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laurelrock Community member
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Home is wherever I'm with you

This Infinite Euphoric Love

I found this Human

He has changed my past My Present and my future

He has changed my mind and how i viewed the past he changes all my present moments and he has changed the direction of my future. He is my home

we are an explosion of freakish energy that sprinkle the earth with exuberance and star dust

do people think we are abnormal? different? Are we creatures of another planet? who knows. what even is normal? Who cares. We are us, and we are happy.

Every tear that has rolled down my face, you have taken away with the tears rolling down yours. you have shown me that I am in control. You have shown me that I have power.

We are Extrodinary We will put the ranch on this earth. because ranch makes everything better.

We are united. With his patience and calmness and my determination and high energy

we will spice up the galaxy

We are art Together we will conquer. Society will not tear us apart.

I love you most my alien man. you are truly my other half. My rock My calm in the storm My freak of a soul :)

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