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lauralasatlol{Bitter Ace communist} {He/They}
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by lauralasatlol

Walking through the woods with you, it's so quiet, your cloak keeps catching on roots and fallen branches, you never let me help,

you shoo me away and un-snag it yourself, you never let me see what you hide beneath your cloak, you pull it tight around you,

do you not trust me? can i not help you? i don't mind, i want you to be comfortable, happy, but i want to be a part of that,

i want to be a part of your comfort, your happiness,

i stare at you as we walk, i look away when you turn back,

is it bad that i feel this way?

i hurt you so badly, i nearly killed you,

and yet you've let me back into your life, how could i ever repay something like that? how could i give back to you the gift you've given to me,

the gift of being a part of your life, the gift of getting to see you everyday,

i know what you are, you're so wonderful, so beautiful, and yet so far away,

i've been staring at you for so long, trying to figure out how i feel, what i feel, how something so amazing be so confusing, how you could even begin to forgive me,

when i can't even forgive myself. {this is just the first chapter} {it's just random thoughts of one of my characters} {his names Ronan, the guy he's thinking abt is Eremiel, there'll be more}

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