Son Of The Phoenix
Son Of The Phoenix split kingdoms stories
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Rough draft of another book I'm writing.

Son Of The Phoenix

Son Of The Phoenix By: The Author

Long, long, long ago there was a great battle between




and Earth

It took place for hundreds of years. My father was the King of Fire. His name was... well I never actually knew his name. He always made me address him as Sir.

Oh! Where are my manners? My name is Alexander Fi Nex. I am 16 years old. Red hair, red eyes. In my family it's very rare to have red eyes. It's more common to have brown or hazel eyes.

Anyways where was I? Oh! The rest of my family. heh.

My mother was a beautiful women. Her name was Danniela. She always understood me even if I didn't want her to.

I also had a little sister named Samantha. She was the sweetest. Till her spark was put out by a water.

I wasn't even there to protect her. It was my job to keep her safe. MY JOB!

She ran of to go play with one of the other people of fire. I never noticed that he was a spy sent by the Water Kingdom.

The thing is we look like everybody else. We look human but only we know what makes us different. It's in our eyes.

We all have this special markings in our eyes. To a human eye it looks normal, but to any other "Elemental" we have what element we are as our iris.

Fire has a small flame as our iris. Water has a drop of water as their's. Wind has a spiral of air as their's. Earth's iris is round and rough. Like a small round rock not smoothed.

Somehow that spy was able to change his iris. From water to fire. It's nearly impossible till I found out what he was... or more like who.

*Note From The Author*

Thank you again soo much for reading my stories. My next story won't be an actual book, it's gonna be a little bit about my self. Thanks again for reading.

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