Excerpt from "Life from Different Perspectives"
Excerpt from "Life from Different Perspectives" feelings stories
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Micheal losing his girlfriend is just the beginning of a life long goal to find happiness.

Excerpt from "Life from Different Perspectives"

"Don't die. Don't die," I thought to myself driving down the highway. Speeding through traffic in my 1985 Chevrolet Impala. Wind rushing through the open windows of my car.

“I’m not gonna lose you,” I said aloud, pulling into the hospital parking lot. I ran past the front desk, heading to the nearest elevator to make it to the third floor. Under maintenance.

“Great,” I grumbled. I ran to the stairs hoping to make it. I burst into her room and she was barely holding on.

“Baby? Can you hear me?” I walked over to her bed, and brushed some hair out of her face, “It’s me, Daniel.”

Her eyes fluttered open, “Danny?”

“Yeah it’s me, baby. I’m here. How are you feeling?”

“Where are you?”

My heart sunk. Cancer has taken her eyes too. First her legs then her liver. It was only a matter of time before she died.

“I’m right here baby,” I replied grabbing her hand in mine.

“I… I’m ready. Are you?”

“No. No. No. Baby, you aren’t ready you still have a few more weeks. I’m not ready for you to go. Stay here with me… please?” My eyes started to well up with tears.

“Baby… you have dealt with me for long enough. Go find someone worth your while, not worth your money.” She closed her eyes and the monitor went off, and she stopped breathing.

“NO! Baby stay with me! Baby girl…” I broke down, “HELP! Someone please help!”A group of doctors rushed in as I caressed her face, “Stay with me, Emilia! Stay awake!”

Some of the doctors asked me to leave but I stood my ground, not wanting to leave her. A promise I made to her when we first started dating.

“SECURITY!” One of the doctors called, all because I wouldn’t break my promise. Two hefty built men came in and grabbed me by my shoulders and asked if I could leave.

“NO! I’m not breaking my promise.” I sobbed, shaking her hand hoping she’ll wake up.

One of the men grabbed me by my waist and slung me over his shoulder. With my frame it was somewhat difficult for him. With me being 6 foot and 160 lbs and all.

I grabbed at the door frame not wanting to leave her behind. As the monitor flat lined I felt my heart sink. All the fight I had in me earlier had left my body.

I let the man carry me to the lobby of this floor and set me down in one of the chairs. I just slumped in my chair wishing it could’ve been me.

I sat in the chair barely noticing people come and go. Not even noticing the doctor come up to me and give me his condolences and tell me he’s sorry for my loss. I just sat in that chair until my phone rang waking me from my trance.

“Hello?” I asked raspy.

“Daniel Micheals Young! Where on god’s green earth are you?” My mom basically yelled in my ear.

“I’m at the hospital…” I was cut off.

“Get your ass home, Daniel!” My dad yelled, “You missed the boys coming over!”

“She’s dead!” I yelled through the phone. There was only silence in response.

“Emilia died mom. I’m sorry for missing the boys. I’m on my way home now, I’m sorry.” I hung up the phone grabbed my stuff and headed to the stairs.

“Sir.” The lady at the front desk said, “The elevators are fixed now, sweetie.”

“I’m fine, but thanks though,” I replied as I went through the stairwell door.

I walked outside into the evening sky and the ocean breeze hit me in the face. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves. I went over to my car and got in. I set my stuff in the passenger seat. I grabbed my keys from my pocket and tried to start the car. No luck. I tried again and looked at the heads up display. The low fuel light was on.

“Great,” I said, and let my head fall on the steering wheel. I looked at my phone sitting in one of the cup holders and grabbed it.

I sat up in my seat and unlocked it and went to my contacts. Only 5 contacts on my phone… one of them is no longer useful. Mom, Dad, Emilia, Hospital, and the Bank were the only contacts on my phone. I called my dad.

“Hey dad,” I said on the verge of a mental break down.

“What?” His voice slurred.

“He’s drunk again,” I thought to myself.

“Could you put mom on the phone, please?” I asked, hoping he would.

“Here she is,” I heard the wind through the phone as he handed it to my mom.



“Could you uhm… could you come get me from the hospital? The car’s out of gas.”

“Uhmm… Yeah. I’ll come get you.” She said,

“Thanks.” I hung up the phone and activated Siri.

“Hey, Siri, call a tow truck.” I let Siri do her thing and ended up calling a 24/7 tow truck company.

“Hello?” a gravelly voice said from the other side of the line.

“Yeah, hi. Do you think you could come and get my car?”

“Where are you and do you want it delivered to your house if there’s no problem.”

“Yes, actually. It’s only out of gas and I can pay out of pocket.”

“Where are you right now?” I heard a truck door open then slam shut.

“I’m at the MUSC hospital in Charleston,” I replied.

“Okay, I'll be there in thirty minutes,” The man’s truck roared to life in the background.

“I won’t be here. My car is a red 1985 Chevrolet Impala. License plate number is A8BD185.”

“Okay and your address is?”

I gave the man my address as my mom pulled into the hospital parking lot and parked next to my car.

“Thank you so much. I’ll pay for your gas and the regular fee when you drop it off. Thanks again,” I hung up the phone, grabbed my stuff from the seat, and got into my mom’s car.

“Thanks mom.”

“You’re welcome,” She responded. Eyes like newly cut glass. I set my things in the back seat and leaned my head back as she drove home.

*Note From The Author*

Thank you all for reading my story. It is based off of true events. Not everything though. Just had to get this off my chest. Thank You All!

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