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lattimored22 life is full of probelms.. fuck that
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To my love ❤️

Define Perfect

I was told by someone to imagine the perfect girl....

1st of all define perfect

Secondly I don't have to imagine....

I already have the perfect girl

To some she may not be perfect but to me she is.

Perfect in every way.

She loves me for me

Doesn't want to change for me

Love me with all her self

Has the most adorable laugh

The cutest smile

And she looks beautiful even when she sleeps.

I love her because of things like this ----->

"I love you"

"I love you" "You spoil me"

"I love you" "You spoil me" "That's my job baby"

"I love you" "You spoil me" "That's my job baby" "I wish I had dated you sooner"

I love you my dear and nothing will change that.

And I know you're reading this soooo.....

I love you to the end of space and back Xs 2

And if y'all don't like who I'm dating then

Do me a favor and stop....

I don't got beef with you then you dont got beef with me.

To the love of my life.....

I will never stop loving you.

Thanks for reading peoples.


And for those people out there who still haven't found the one....

Keep looking.... he/she still may be out there

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