"you are my forever"


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a cliche love story.
and the end of it.

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"you are my forever"

something gay, by kim

we've got books filled with cliches,

we've got books filled with cliches, minds spinning with overused lines,

we've got books filled with cliches, minds spinning with overused lines, films & tapes flooding with sappy crap that we all love and hate at the same time.

you have always been one. a walking cliche. from the moment i met you, to this day,

you have never surprised me with your ridiculous lines. yet i smile and i fall, hard to your demise.

your crystallized heart, contradicts your soft touch and warm lips that overlap and leave trails of scorch marks on my hips.

and even though

this could be expected,

from the leather wrapped bad boy that you are -falling for the pretty good boy like i am- my heart still jumps and stops for you.

and only you.

and i wish you could last forever, and i wish our hearts could mend -from the sharp lies that you inflicted and the souls that you bend.

- and i wished that my stomach could take the pain you cast my way, but i can't and i fall, and my heart flies away.

i'm sorry my dear, that i need to leave. but we were never really meant to be.

we were those star crossed lovers

that have been sung about for centuries

and this, our tragedy, is something that people will sing about forever.

you got it all.

you've had it all.

you always and always will. you've been my forever since our eyes met, but still. i can't and never can get used to this feeling of you.

i know it's coming.

the end. our end. but that's okay.

we'll be okay.

you are my forever,

and i the one that got away.

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