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latejunein love with @neutralfleur
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i'm a hypocrite..


i am, a hypocrite, i tell you to open up and talk so i can hold you when it gets hard.

but when it gets hard for me, i shut myself out and no longer speak.

i am, a hypocrite, for wanting you to tell me what's wrong,

when i can't tell you what's right.

i am, a hypocrite, for wanting you to stay, when i tried to take my life.

i am, a hypocrite, for telling you to stay strong, that things will look up soon..

that you should prolong..

when i've done worse, i think things that hurt, my soul is weak and hands are cold.

from my heart i bleed, a million words--but when you ask, i can't say because i'm scared that your brain will decay...

that these thoughts, will only pressure you and these words will only bring pain...

i am a hypocrite, for saying that you're mean,

but really, you're just reality.

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