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he saw.
just not her.

he saw

by Lotus

He saw things.

He saw colours.

He saw feelings.

He saw thoughts,

He saw memories.

He saw everything.

He saw.

He saw the pain. He saw the people. He saw their energy.

He saw the pain in people and got flooded by their energy.

He saw.

He saw the oblivious. He saw their thoughts. He saw their feelings.

He saw the oblivious thoughts and their feelings.

He saw.

He sometimes wished he wouldn't see. He sometimes wished he couldn't feel.

He sometimes wished he wouldn't be able to see all of it.

To feel everything.

He saw.

He saw through everything. Through the lies. The smiles. The forced actions.

He saw.

He saw it all. He saw them all. He saw everything.

But he couldn't see through her.

He couldn't see.

He couldn't see her colours, thoughts, feelings or memories.

Because she wouldn't let him see.

He couldn't see.

He once had thought that he had seen everything. But when she opened up. He saw everything all over again.

He saw.

He saw crashing waves.

He saw wild storms.

He saw black.

He saw crashing cars.

He saw regret.

He saw pain.

He saw anger.

He saw guilt.

He saw fear.

He saw Blue.

He saw me.

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