"You're a work of Art"
"You're a work of Art" stories

latekind of an adult
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Totally forgot to post yesterday. I was making business cards until 4 am which was not a good idea on my part. Sorry, but here's an inspirational quote I read a while ago. The picture at the end is one I took of a few of my friends in the Hudson River Park. It was a movie night and they express how love goes beyond just a couple relationship or even countries. More posts to come. I swear I have drafts saved, my timeliness is like my brain though ... scattered. Thank you for your support if you read all of this!

"You're a work of Art"

by Unknown

Not everyone will understand you,

but the ones who do

will never forget about you.

Personal Note

AP Art history is getting to me. I just liked this quote and had this picture which would go nicely with it. Still words for thought and uplifting.

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