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So I did some extensive research when I turned 18 on how to adult. This is an incomplete list and I'm still trying to figure it out, but here's what I've accumulated so far. If I missed anything comment below! On a second note I am going to try publishing once a week on Wednesdays. Emphasis on the try part.

How to Adult

by cat

Get a driver's license and a nice pair of shoes.

Good shoes will take you to good places. A driver's license can help you there. Public transportation is good too.

Find a mentor.

Life isn't easy. Sometimes you need someone there - to vent to or to get advice from.

Explore career options.

You're not limited to your degree. You're not limited to your abilities. Do not limit yourself to your mind. You can always try new things.

Become financially independent.

Your parents can't support you forever.

Learn to accept advice.

Surprisingly it can help.

Treat classes and homework like your job.

That's what they're preparing you for.

Make coffee at home.

Ain't nobody got time for Starbucks lines .

Be active in the community.

You'll meet people you wouldn't on a regular basis and it will ground you.

Share what you are good at.

People love talking to passionate people. If you do get in a conversation with someone about this ask them what they're passionate about as well. Take the time to care.

Dress like you respect yourself.

You're an adult. Maybe you don't act the part, but at least look it.

Don't blame others.

It's easy to think that our failures are the fault of others. Not all things were meant to be, and take each failure with a grain of salt. Keep trying.

There's no time like now.

Get your taxes done. Switch to adult healthcare. Change your teen banking account. Get your shit together.

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