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Again, I'm late... I'm thinking of changing my username to late... Honestly I'm late for everything. Funny story time! Today I was late for my math final by an hour and a half. I had to take it the next period... It was really comical seeing me walk in because I was kind of a mess and I overslept. Fun.


by ashley yao

Thrive: Freshman

I joined DECA just because all of my friends did. Little did I know what a significant role it would play in my high school life. I attended ICDC as a part of the Thrive Academy.

Make it Count: Sophomore

I loved the colorful dots theme of Make it Count. I became a Social Media Correspondent and was heavily involved in community service within my chapter. I started becoming competitive.

I Am DECA: Junior

I was Commissioner of Public Relations in my chapter and ran for state office. I lost, but it was still a great experience. I continued to compete and place 10th in FMS on the state level.

Be Epic: Senior

I continued my work as Comissioner of Public Relations in my chapter with my sister in the officer team with me. I had a gold cap project and placed 7th in HTOR barely missing ICDC competition.


I'm planning on becoming an alumni for the program and I went to ICDC 2016 as a voting delegate. Congratulations to the winners! It was honestly one of the best experiences in my HS years.

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