Why Should I Trust You?

larryi'm batman
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My life as a gullible guy.

Why Should I Trust You?

Every movie, it's the same. Betrayal betrayal. Betrayal.

Who can you trust?

I've been lied to all my life. I was born gullible.

I think we are all born gullible, but I think I was more gullible than most. I want to trust people.

In 2nd grade, a friend wanted to sell me this rare candy

He told me how valuable it was and wanted a dollar. He was doing pre-sales. I paid him. He said the candy would come in a week. It never did. Apparently I was the only one dumb enough to pay.

In middle school I did a car wash business with my 5 friends

$5 a car, we would all split the money. I had to miss a few cars and thus helped on only 5 cars. Somehow I ended up with $1 total. They were my friends...

No matter who it is, people lie

It's not that I hate people. I talk to people and smile

It's just I don't open up my heart.

I just don't open up my heart.

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