Ericka’s Lust
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A mini series I’m writing or maybe I should
Make it a book. Warning: sexually graphic content.

Ericka’s Lust

Prologue The rain beat loudly on Ericka's spring jacket as she walked through the parking lot towards her car. It was cold and wet and the fabric of her clothing had stuck to her body amply showing some of the light hickeys on her neck. She was oblivious to it and her surroundings .

Flashes of the events that transpire last night played through her head. She stop and began to breath heavily as the images brought back the sensation and felling of the previous night. The strong hands on her neck. The sent of his body, the taste of his sweat and her sweat too for all she knew. She had completely surrender as he ravaged her.

He was like a hungry animal feasting on a fresh kill. And she was the body he feasted on. Another image pass, her legs were in the air and his head by her crutch. She felt his tongue lick her clit slowly and rhythmically each passing drawing a tingle down her spine which made her arch her back involuntarily.

That only made him draw her legs back even more, she didn’t even know she was capable of such flexibility . It didn’t matter cause he was done tasting her. He began to eat. The sanitation in her spine began to double and triple. Waves of pleasure escape her lips as she grip the bed sheets and tremble furiously .

Her mind began to blacken normal thoughts became impossible to form. God she thought then moments of blackness , god how could his tongue be this skillful this pleasant . Blackness rolled over her again as another wave of pleasure assaulted her mind. Her eyes now dazed and watery caught a glimpse of her own legs as it flex and bend even more,

now her knees where at the point of touching her elbows. Her legs were shaking uncontrollably but she couldn't feel it. Drool slip down her lips and tears escaped freely from her eyes though she wasn’t crying & her body give no signal of this. All attention was on the whirlwind that was going on at her crutch. Her head began to lolly from side to side & her hips began to swing back & forth as that seem the only coordinated

reaction her body could make. As the rest of her cooperated fully with the desire of this mans strong hands & tongue, it seemed like hours had slipped by though in truth only ten minutes had pass. Slowly her right leg began to slip back to its natural position and a strong dark hands creep up from beneath them and across her stomach. It rested firmly on one breast squeezing ever so

slightly as the other leg began to slip back as well and another hand snake up from between her legs and griped her neck. Then his face appeared. His dark eyes looking right at her his strong cheek bone and solid chin rising slowly . Then his thick lips glossy wet and covered wet with her nectar . She had cum she knew right on his face the trembling of her legs and the realest of ecstasy

told her as much and still this beast didn’t relent. He smile sweetly at her and moved forward slowly kissing each sensitive part of her body as he made his way up to face her, his right and left hands still holding her neck and squeezing her breast slightly.

Excuse me miss, are you alright ? A voice in the background of her mind brought Ericka back to the situation at hand. She found herself standing there in front of her car and staring into the drivers side. Hello? The voice called again & Ericka turned her head slowly to address the speaker. Yeah she replied I just have a lot on my mind that’s all.

Okay the speaker replied I just wanted to make sure cause you were standing there for quite some time. She smiled at the speaker who was a middle age old lady she had a few bags in her hands stamped with the logo of the local grocery store. She must have driven in and parked and saw her standing there unmoving. Thanks again said Ericka to the old woman and open her car door and sat

down. She regretted that movement immediately a sharp sore pain assaulted her for that action. A pain that send her memory racing back to that night once more. Her breathing slowly began to increase once again. With his hands on her neck and breast he moved forward slowly licking every tender spot. His face rested on her

right breast as his left hand continue to squeeze her left. His tongue once again escape his lips and lick the tip of her nipple. Instantly her nipple began to harden and her heart beat quicken as her nipples quiver from the heat that escape his breath. He looked up at her and made solid eye contact she couldn’t tear her eyes away from him so she waited expectingly . Then he

slowly smiled and raised his head from her breast . A tinge of disappointed struck her but she quickly suppressed it. Her breathing was starting to steady itself again. Ericka felt her self control coming back this was good. She can put a stop to this. Then as if sensing her gathering strength his head wiped back down like a serpent and is lips lock on to her nipples and began to suck on it with

such fury a gasp escaped her mouth. Her body buckled and shook, a wail that was actually a moan erupted from her. His head moved like a savage snake whipping left too right as self control slipped right through her once again with her body reacting purely on pleasure. Suddenly his big, long & thick cock entered her pussy. She felt the size the width and length as it continue to clim deeper and

deeper inside her belly. All coherent thoughts left her now. Her body began to spasm and jerk, & her clit still sore from the tongue lashing he give it seconds before, erupted with a savage sensation that felt like a horse kick to every corner of her body. Her legs where back up into the air and her knees where bent back towards her shoulders clearly use to the position now. His arms had

somehow wrap around both legs though she couldn't recall him ever letting go her breast and neck for a second to even stabilize her legs in the air. His hips pump back and forth like a well oiled machine each movement sending waves of ecstasy through her body and mind. Ericka howled with pleasure, her voice in full volume with each stroke. Her arms grip his shoulders feeling

the sweat as it ran down his back. She was suddenly silence with a passionate kiss. She felt his tongue rush into her mouth. The length of it had almost went down her throat. Then savagely he tore away from their kiss and assaulted her neck by sucking hard & making it swell and bulge. An instant hickey she knew and didn’t care, and couldn’t even if she wish. Her mind was split into pieces

and conquered on every level. Each part of her body sending a jolt of pain and pleasure that is couldn’t even recognize at times. His head alternating between her breast mouth and neck at random intervals , made it impossible for her to anticipate what was to come next. So with each passing minute came pure ecstasy her mind and body surrendering to the whims of this man. He turn

her over and bent her knees while forcing her back down to have her breast lay on the pillows . She was now face down and with her ass up in the air and didn’t realize she had been maneuvered into a new position. It was the sharp slap on her ass that that made her realize that she wasn’t on her back. The pulsing heat and mechanical stroke from his cock didn’t subside in the least, it had

actually increase in voracity . Every now and then accompanying each stroke was a loud stinging slap on her ass that jolt her back from oblivion . Strong hands gripped both of her ass cheeks then abruptly letting go and pulling her hair tightly back forcing her on her elbows then grabbing her neck . Then two thick fingers forced her mouth open to rest on her tongue she instinctively

started to play with them, occasionally sucking and licking . That seem to double his already extraordinary effort he was putting in. Somewhere In the back of her mind she smiled. Suddenly he stop and stiffened . Inside her she felt is cock go even harder, if such a thing could even be possible. Then it was suddenly pulled out of her the width of his penis rubbing on the inside of her vagina

throbbing as it exited,Oh how she moan.Ericka felt her self being turn around and her head whipping forward . Her mouth was still open from playing with his fingers which was now gone. She suddenly felt and tasted his & her own coating of sweat and sperm as his cock was trusted into her mouth shock came and excited her mind so quickly she became numb form the experience . The throbbing in

his cock stop and he released all his built up fluids into her. She swallowed deeply her tongue sticking out the bottom and began to lick the veins at the bottom of his penis. That brought a deep and low moan from him. Her smile in the back of her mind broaden. He slowly withdrew his cock from her mouth as she still instinctively sucked on it. Ericka’s eyes was rolling back to her head as he

slowly lean forward and kissed her again with passion. She didn’t seem to react to it just accepted it. Then she was laid back down on her back and her legs began to rise in the air once again . Spreading apart as his face despair behind her crutch again. Slowly came the sensation of his tongue again. He wasn’t done, this beast was still hungry . She drifted off into unconsciousness .

Ericka slept soundly and sweetly as the Beast devoured her. Ericka Grayson woke up inside her car an hour later. She had drifted off and simply passed out. She check the time it was eight o clock. She still had time to get home change and head to work. So she gathered herself and started her car. Memories of the night before still plagued

her but she had it under control now, letting her work duties take priority over the background images that threaten to engulf her at a moments weakness. She put her car into drive and left the parking-lot and those images far behind her. AS the white Honda Civic coup left the parking lot The Beast closed the curtains, he had been

watching Ericka as she left the motel. He had gotten up two hours before her and left the rented room in the motel they had shared that night for the one next to it. That was always his custom to rent two rooms, one for his clients which he refers to as his pray and one for him self. When he is finish with them or they simply pass right out from fatigue. He would gather all his belongings and

wipe and clean every surface he had ever touch and leave them there in the same position the had drifted off into unconsciousness. When alone in his own private quarters he would get some much needed rest. Any other person would believe this is over excessive and doesn’t serve any real point. After all he is by description a male escort so the extra effort is pointless. But the

Beast believed that this serve a greater purpose. It adds to the mystery, and helps with his pray’s transformation . He had watch his pray stop and stumble, her body language clearly showing her to be at a daze and lost in thought. He enjoyed watching the fruits of his labour grow. Even if she is unaware of it, he knew that her metamorphosis has already begun.

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