Losing Her
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You think they will always be there but what happens when the closest thing in your life slowly slips away?

Losing Her

by laraxstories

We were once so close, always there for one another. She was my best friend!

Secrets we once told are now used as a weapon of revenge and cold hearted betrayal.

We made promises. Never to leave and to always be there no matter how deep.

But despite those promises and those secrets, she left me. Popularity became a great importance to her. Staying with those who were destined to use and abuse her.

And the worst part of it is watching her fall. Her once so innocent self turning into something i didn't want to associate myself with.

I had lost her. The closest thing i had was now the furthest thing in reach and there was nothing i could do about it. I was the one who was gullible enough to let her crawl back.

I soon became no one. Not only had i lost my best friend i lost myself . The sadness turned into guilt and i truly believed i was the one who made her leave.

I pushed myself down and convinced myself i was lower than her. But i soon came to realise that she was the one who made me believe those things.

I was always the quiet one, too afraid to speak up. And the one thing i can hate myself for is the way i let people walk all over me without a care. Only coming back to me when they needed me.

But today i'm stronger. The one thing i learnt along the way was you can never find happiness in the place you lost it. By loosing her it made me the person i am today.

Some people find it hard to be loyal but that's the popularity suffocating you. Find true friends that will respect and care for you. "Friends don't leave friends behind"

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