Stories Of Christmas Villages
Stories Of Christmas Villages christmas stories

larainesmith Community member
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Inspiration came from Christmas photography.

Stories Of Christmas Villages

Lights On Christmas Trees, They are like the golden stars. They are magical.

Candles In The Sky, They are messages to Him. It is His Birthday.

The Town's Christmas Tree; Rainbow Lights brighten the night. They are magical.

The Baubles Of Trees, They bring color to Christmas. They are magical.

Trees And Waterfalls, They are great decorations. They are elegant.

Christmas Romances, They take place in villages. Romances sparkle.

Purple Christmas Lights, They add spark to Christmastime. They are magical.

The small points of light, God sent them from the heavens. They are for Christmas.

The Lights Of Christmas, They bring hope to a dark day. They are magical

Lanterns Of Christmas, They are Lavender and Blue, And I love these shades.

Blue Lights In The Sky, And The Golden Flames Of Light, Do they show Christmas?

Blue Christmas Tree Lights, I see them from a distance. They are bright as day.

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