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lapryx91 Creative mind with a tortured soul
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If found, please listen.
WARNING: Themes of suicide.


By Lapryx

If I'm found

Don't be sad

Just sit and listen

This is my confession

If I'm gone

Just stay strong

Know that I'm sorry

So listen to my story

I really tried to hold on

But everything went wrong

I really tried to fight

But everything just fell apart

Dreams shattered

Hope scattered

If I'm gone don't be sad

Because I'm fine with this end

Was on the ledge for years now

Feeling empty for years now

It's no one's fault

So don't be hurt

So listen to this tale

I've been broken for a while

Struggling in this cruel world

That left me cold

My heart's hollow

Love only gave me sorrow

If I'm away

Know that, it's okay

Just bid me adieu

I was hiding it from you

I was the perfect actor

Pain hidden behind laughter

Smiles covering tears

Jokes blocking fears

So if I'm found

Don't be sad

You couldn't have known

That I jumped into the Unknown

Just smile

This is the best I've felt in a while

I'm at peace now

So don't cry now

You have come to the end

Of this girl's confession

I've been found

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