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lapanda17 A sad child with happy dreams.
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A poem about what it means to sonder.


Sitting on my phone today,

Time is passing by.

Sitting here alone today,

With people walking by.

I wonder if they feel it too,

The heaviness I have.

I wonder if they wonder too,

If I have what they have.

The man my age is breaking down,

And his daughter doesn’t know.

The young girl there is breaking down,

Cause her mama doesn’t know.

Some of them smile and wave at me,

And I just smile back.

Some of them cry but wave at me,

But I can’t send those back.

I don’t know what their life is like,

I don’t know know any names.

They don’t know what my life is like,

And they don’t know any names.

They could be the happiest they’ve ever been,

And today is just the start.

The could be the saddest they’ve ever been,

And today is just so dark.

So I sit here on my phone today,

Watching the crowd go by.

I keep my phone clutched close today,

As I sonder about their lives.

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