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lapanda17A sad child with happy dreams.
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Real family is hard to find, and I may not always visit, but I always feel so... welcome, when I go over there

Come over

I’m coming over Don’t know exactly why today, But I wanted my uncle and I know you’ll say; Come over.

I’m coming over The rains not here yet and I don’t know who’s home, But I wanted my aunt and on the phone she says, Come on over.

I came over I’m here in the driveway and I can’t see anyone, But I know they’ll smile when they see me and I already feel welcome... I came over.

The day feels so short over here, I rant and laugh and they listen cause they care, They may not ever know how their affection leaves me so bare, And the days feel so short over here.

I don’t really want to go, But at my bed waits and my dogs are calling me home, I know they’ll be here tomorrow no matter where I roam, But I never really want to go.

Drive safe, they pray, As I take my time in the car in their driveway, And they’ve never failed to wish me safe passage to date, Drive safe, again, today.

I always wonder, When I leave those nights and head back to my bed, How I can have so much love and emotion built up and yet, “Come over,” is all they said.

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