pain. sad stories
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laney my heart does the writing.
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to the person that took advantage of me...


there's an ocean inside me from the tears i haven't cried. my heart kept me alive but your hand reached down deep and squeezed it tight.

you pulled out bits and pieces, you threw them away. i dug through the trash, i looked in the yard, the fire inside you turned them to ash. forever gone.

i was innocent and young, but you didn't care. you treated me like an empty bottle dragging my face on the ground.

your hand around my neck, i desperately gasp for air. you throw me across the room, i hit the wall. shards of glass shimmer in the hall.

blood drips down my skin, i'm covered in red.

you didn't just break me, you broke the world. dimmed her light and shattered her universe.

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