Broken Stein
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Part of My Notebook of My Heart & Soul

I wrote this after losing my mom and being ghosted in a relationship. I felt so broken two years ago.

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Broken Stein

I've grown weaker and stronger

enduring more pain and developing scars more deeper than the last.

I was born in love and seem to be losing more each day.

Once a whole woman but nothing more than a tattered stein.

Not necessarily a bad thing just a new development.

A remolding of who I am because I can never be who I was.

The heart that once delivered to my body has run cold, causing me to become more numb.

So a new heart is wanted.

The lungs that once delivered me life has left me suffocating.

Gasping for air from the anxiety that chokes me.

So new lungs are needed.

My hands once able to create beauty, knowing art was my life, my soul and my time

have lost the ability to move.

The ability to paint the world without a command, but now they are lost,

remaining still before a command.

So new hands wanted, free thinkers are best.

Finally my feet

Dear, God my feet.

They won't stop moving, running.

Running from the past, the pain, the future.

New feet are needed ones that will face their demons.

This old body is gone, new pieces are required.

The soul will remain.

But in order for it to cease it's cries we, I must change.

I must become a new stein.

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